Prior to Installation – Stop Silent Light Checklist

1. Interior diameter of the pipe to be secured

  • In order to offer you the right valve, it is necessary for us to know the exact internal pipe diameter. If the internal pipe diameter corresponds to the specified clamping range, the respective nominal diameter is suitable for installation.
Sizes available
Nominal Diameter
Clamping Range
Total Length
Allen key
size (metric)
DN100/ 3.9493 – 102/ 3.66-3.98215/ 8.460.3/ 0.663
DN110/ 4.3398 – 106/ 3.86-4.17230/ 9.060.34/ 0.753
DN125/ 4.92115 – 125/ 4.53-4.9270/ 10.630.54/ 1.193
DN150/ 5.91145 – 154/ 5.7-6.06330/ 12.991.0/ 2.24
DN200/ 7.87183 – 197/ 7.2-7.76420/ 16.541.75/ 3.864
DN250/ 9.84230 – 252/ 9.05-9.92540/ 21.263.0/ 6.613874
DN300/ 11.81280 – 298/ 11.02-11.73650/ 25.987.2/ 15.876

Bigger dimensions on demande

For intermediate diameters, we provide adapters

2. Pipe access

  • Hand-moulded shaft soles may be too narrow and must be adjusted.
  • The length of the cylindrical clamping area is approx. equal to the diameter. The length of the tapered valve tip is also approx. the same size as the diameter.

3. Minimal gradient

  • In the sewag a constant gradient of 2%
  • In rain water a constant gradient of 1%

4. Kind of the fluid?

  • privat or industrial sewage
  • rain water

5. Installation in the shafts inflow or outflow?

  • If no large quantities of rainwater flow into the control shaft, Stop Silent Light® should be installed in the outlet. While there is backwater, the pressure put on the valve forces it to remain shut and no more water can pass the valve in any direction. In this case, the control shaft serves as the reservoir for your own water. Otherwise it is recommended to install Stop Silent Light® in the pipe with the area to be protected.

6. Installation?

  • For small pipe diameters, the valve can be lubricated with soapy water. NO GREASE, NO OIL!

7. Long-lasting backwater

  • In the event of long-lasting backwater, the internal pipe system can only absorb small quantities of water. In this situation, it is important to ensure low water consumption.

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Daniel Rohrer
CEO - Lasso Technik AG