Stop Silent® – check valve…

…moves like a jellyfish.

Valves for Every Application

Stop Silent® check valves are different to common valves:

No moving parts

No electronics

No wear-and-tear




low maintenance


durable, up to 50 years

No moving parts>low maintenance
No electronics>fail-safe
No wear-and-tear>durable, up to 50 years

The Jellyfish

The Stop Silent check valve’s membrane moves like a jellyfish. It silently deformes to let liquides pass in one direction and withstands strong pressure in the opposite direction.

The Stop Silent Product Line

For sewage up to 0.5 Bar

  • Easy and quick to install
  • Retrofitting without structural adjustments
  • Always closed and active against flooding
  • No moving parts
  • No electronics

For clean media up to 16 Bar

  • consists of two components only.
    • (Diaphragm and support cone)
  • no moving mechanical parts
  • gentle closing, no water hammer
  • low pressure drop
  • low maintenance
  • long-lasting

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