Who we are:

About us:

Lasso Technik is a family business founded by Albert Schüle in Switzerland in 1942 and is now run by the third generation of the founder’s family.

The Stop Silent anti-return devices are a brilliant invention by Mr. Schüle. The customer’s needs being in constant evolution, the valves have been developed over the years following the new standards in order to adapt harmoniously to the market requirements. Lasso Technik is an authentic company that, thanks to its experience and know-how, combines quality and innovation for a perfect mastery of fluid technology. The company’s headquarters are located in Basel, Switzerland.

Lasso Technik SA - Votre spécialiste du clapet anti-retour depuis 1942
Lasso Technik - Your specialist for non-return valves since 1942

Our history:

Why does a company with a name referring to rope (lasso) sell check valves?

The creation of Lasso Technik was due to the lack of wood in Switzerland during the Second World War. This has led to an awareness of the huge quantities of wood located on the mountains, especially on inaccessible fields. Lasso Technik has developed its rope and cable car system to solve this problem by moving wood efficiently, even in hard-to-reach areas.

However, since Mr. Schüle was originally a sanitary technician, he had already studied, manufactured and even sold non-return devices. It was therefore natural for him to include this second activity in his company. As the backflow preventers on the market were not technically very developed at that time, Lasso Technik decided to develop its own products for both industry and private households.
This is how Lasso Technik’s Stop Silent product range was born. After several development phases, the Stop Silent membrane has demonstrated enormous potential to break market codes.

In 2013, in partnership with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, Lasso Technik developed a second product to secure sewage and other pipes from backflows. A new model, the Stop Silent Light check valve, has therefore been created. This innovation then shows many advantages that other valves are unable to reproduce.

Architects, design offices, project managers, plumbers, building companies, private persons and municipalities from all over Europe and even across the Atlantic trust us today and use the Stop Silent Light system to secure their pipelines.

Stop Silent Light at a glance

La méduse : symbole d'efficacité du mouvement de la membrane Stop Silent

The use of a simple moving elastomer diaphragm eliminates any mechanical or electronic parts subject to wear and tear, which significantly reduces maintenance costs and increases product life.
In addition to being installed quickly, Stop Silent Light has an anti-odour function to prevent the diffusion of malodorous effluent from the pipes. The product also acts as a nose flap (anti-frog) and prevents the infiltration of small animals into the pipes.

Lasso Technik - Your specialist for non-return valves since 1942
Geschäftsführer des Unternehmens Lasso Technik AG
Mr Daniel Rohrer
CEO - Lasso Technik

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