Water in the Basement?

Flooded basement? Costly renovations of damaged premises?

Foreign words to households who use a Stop Silent Light backwater protection system to protect their home against sewage backwater.

Emotional and financial damage

In addition to immense damage to facilities and furniture, it is above all emotional stress that makes water damage a major burden, especially in the case of a sewer system backwater.

Flooded basement at a new building (real case)

Lupsingen Canton Baselland.
The aspiring village has experienced a real building boom in recent years. The Hartmann family also decided to build in this picturesque village in the canton of Baselland.

The unfavourable location, as the lowest house on the street, gave the Hartmanns two sewage infiltrations into the basement within a short time.

Just in order to dry the parquet floor of their basement, the Hartmann family had to run a dehumidification machine for several weeks. Including sleepless nights due to the noise of these machines.

Wasser im Keller / Sous-sol inondé / Flooding in the cellar

Sewer system at capacity limit

Heavy rainfall, combined with an ever-increasing concrete surface, push sewer systems to their capacity limits. When this limit is reached, the water, in an search for a way out, pushes the quantities of water back into the buildings. This has happened also at the Hartmann family.

Dry feet due to Stop Silent Light

In order to prevent such unpleasant surprises, we recommend installing a Stop Silent Light backwater valve. At Hartmanns, the backwater valve was retrofitted in the manhole to protect the family from future flooding.

Stop Silent Light is installed within seconds by a clamping mechanism. Depending on the situation, the valve can be installed in the inlet or outlet of the manhole. The flexible membrane is very resistant, requires little maintenance and has a long operating life.

Einbau Rückstauventil SSL / Montage clapet anti-retour SSL / Installation check valve SSL

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