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The Stop Silent light check valve has been developed for the waste water house connection. Installed in seconds, Stop Silent Light ensures reliable backflow protection as well as longevity.

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Discover the many features of the Stop Silent Light check valve!

Avoid backflow of toilet water thanks to the Stop Silent Light anti-reverse device.
During heavy rain the canalisation fill up and there is a backwater. Via the big sewage pipes much water flows back to the cellar in a short time tile for example over a toilet bowl emerge.
A pipe overlooking nature allows the intrusion of small animals. The "frog valve" function of Stop Silent Light prevents the infiltration of this type of animal and secures your pipes.

The open outlet of a pipeline into nature allows the infiltration of insects, amphibians and pigeons. The “frog valve” function of Stop Silent Light prevents the infiltration of this type of animal and secures your pipes.

The installation of a Stop Silent Light® check valve makes it impossible for sewer gases to move and therefore prevents the spread of bad odors.

The stench of canal gases is unpleasant and unnecessary. Air or gases in the pipeline come into motion with a small temperature difference that is called chimney effect. Even sewer systems have this effect and let us know. The installation of a Stop Silent Light® back-up system prevents the movement of the canal gases, it’s no longer stinks.

Make sure you have a Stop Silent Light backflow check valve to prevent flooding of the streets of your municipality.
Street water from the sewage system is partly discharged into the next body of water. In the case of flood protection projects, in which floodwalls are constructed, the valves ensure that these pipes are protected against backwater and that the road is not flooded.


The Stop Silent Light® expander clamp can be operated from both sides and allows installation in the inlet or outlet of the control shaft.

The “Stop Silent Light” check valve can either be installed in existing drainpipes or in control shafts. In the case of an inlet and an outlet, Stop Silent Light® can be installed in the outlet. With this installation, the control shaft serves as a reservoir for self-contained water during the backflow. If the pipes and rainwater enter the control shaft, the pipe should be secured which should prevent the exit in the basement.


Due to a small build-up, a small pressure is exerted on the diaphragm, which then opens upwards. If the flow stops, the sealing lip restores and closes the valve. In backpressure, the rubber membrane is filled and pressed against the pipe wall.


DN 100 – 300 (bigger on enquiry)

Featured Article (German)

"Geeignete Rückstausicherungen wählen

Rückstausicherungen können vor unliebsamen Überraschungen mit hohen Kosten aufgrund von Schäden an Inventar, Böden und Wänden durch das rückstauende Wasser schützen. Die Firma Lasso Technik AG bietet mit der Rückstausicherung Stop Silent Light eine adäquate Lösung für den zuverlässigen Rückstauschutz an.” – Fery Lipp für planer+installateur


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