What to do when it smells from the Sewers?

Do you need an odor damper?

Sewer gases that pass through the canal system back into properties and causing unpleasant odor nuisances. This issue can be permanently solved with a Stop Silent Light backflow prevention valve.

Take precautions against unpleasant odors

These disgutsing odors can be avoided with a Stop Silent Light backflow prevention valve.

A key feature of this system is the so called odour control flap. This shutter seals the sewer pipe and prevents the chimney effect.

This stack effect is related to the movement of gas from the sewer to the surface of the plate to enter buildings.

The anti-odor function of the Stop Silent Light check-valve
The anti-odor backwater flap Stop Silent Light
Geruchsklappe / Clapet anti-odeur / Odor valve

“It smells bad in the basement”, particularly in summer, when the sewage system is warm, it may happen that the unpleasant smell of the sewage system enters the building through floor drains in the basement or garage.

This can be very unpleasant. With a Stop Silent Light  backstop valve the problem will be solved reliably simply and fast.

The city of Bern trusts us!

In 2013, Stop Silent Light check-valves were installed in the city network of Bern.
A huge backwater flap with a diameter of DN800 was installed in a pipe line of the city sewers. The valve, which can be installed in just a few minutes, was inserted into the existing pipe.
The non-return valve convinced and satisfied the city of Bern as it has been working reliably and sustainably since it was installed.
Ventil DN 800 wurde in Bern eingebaut / Clapet DN 800 installé à Bern / Valve DN 800 installed in Bern

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