Stop Silent : The Multicone check-valve

Efficient production of coldness with minimal pressure loss

Producing coldness with river water is efficient and economical.

Large quantities of river water must flow through the heat exchanger. Due to these large volumes, it is important to keep the system pressure loss to a minimum in order to maintain high efficiency. The layout of the system and the selection of its various components are an important element when low resistance is required. The Stop Silent multi-cone valve has been designed according to these flows in order to be best adapted to them.

Technical figures of this model 
System data
Pressure3 bar (44 psi)
Temperature5-28°C (41°F up to 82°F)
Speed875 l/sec (13’860 GPM)
o Fluid River water
The chosen solution:
Valve typeMKV Multicone Check Valve
DimensionDN 600 (Ø 24”)
Flange DIN PN 10 (about ANSI 150)
Pressure drop0.09 bar (13 psi)

Features of Stop Silent check valve

A valve to prevent backflow of liquid and gaseous media.

o The reliability of the membrane seal is very high

o Perfect sealing even with granular pollutants (sand)

o A silent and delicate closing (no water hammer)

o Low opening pressure

o No mechanical parts moving, wear-sensitive parts (low maintenance)

o Farm in environments where mechanical valves would no longer work (glucose, chocolate)

o Simple and cost-effective installation

o Good resistance to chemical elements, anticorrosive

o Also serves as a raw filter (protects pumps and equipment)

o Ensures correct flow measurement (no incorrect measurement due to backflow)

o Possibility of installation in many positions

Multi-cone valve - valve body with flanges

From DN 150 to DN1000, welded product resistant to high flow rates. The valve bodies are hot-dip galvanized or coated. The valve cones are made of stainless steel

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Daniel Rohrer
CEO - Lasso Technik AG