Stop Silent: Some fields of application

Stop Silent: designed for application in multiple areas

Einstz des Stop Silent Rückschlagventils im Pumpensystem

Water supply of the city of Zürich

Since 1976, the City of Zurich Water Department has been using Lasso Technik’s Stop Silent check valves to efficiently manage the city’s water supply. The engineer in charge of distribution, Mr. Arnold Egli, has confidence in this valve. In the event of a pipe failure, Mr. Egli knows that the pipe system will not be damaged.

Stop Silent im Einsatz bei der Wasserversorgung Zürich

In the former Ciba group, the chief engineer of the equipment department uses the Stop Silent valve for the most diverse applications in chemical equipment and in the field of energy (hot and cold).

Thanks to our stainless steel cone with a special Halar coating and Hastelloy screws, it was possible to find a very cheap solution. This cone is successfully used in chemical industrial waters.

Wind turbines

The “Oasis” wind turbines pump water to a depth of 40 m. The Stop Silent foot valve is one of the key components of this pump. Thanks to the flexible elastomer membrane, waterproofing is ensured even if granules such as sand are placed between the cone and the membrane.


Das Fussventil Stop Silent in der windbetriebenen Pumpe

Chocolate factory „Ludwig“

The engineer Mr. Hollinger is in charge of the production of pralines.

In the past, production was often interrupted because the mechanical valves used blocked under the sticky mass. The costs of maintenance and cleaning became significant. A solution had to be found to remedy these frequent and costly interruptions.

With the Stop Silent check valve, production could be carried out continuously.

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Daniel Rohrer
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