Stop Silent : Quiet thanks to high-quality diaphragm

StopSilent Kegelrückschlagventil

Hard shell, soft core – Stop Silent is a valve cone out of stainless steel and a high quality rubber diaphragm. Those two main actors do harmonically interact

Stop Silent check valves guarantee the controlled direction of flow and reduce the water hammer effect to a minimum.
The Stop Silent valves consist of two primary components: The valve cone made out of stainless steel and the flexible rubber diaphragm.

The valve cone, which stands out with its extraordinary design, serves as a coarse filter. This filter protects the casing pump as well as the facilities. The gently closing rubber diaphragm persuades through its safe and high sealing characteristics. The valves can bear up to a flood protection strain of 16bar (232.1psi).

Stop Silent valves are distinguished through their light construction technique and their high capacity. In order to guarantee a frictionless service we recommend replacing the rubber diaphragm every five years.

The rubber diaphragm can be replaced easily! Assure yourself and take a look at this short video demonstration

The Stop Silent rubber diaphragms are available in different materials depending on their application:


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Daniel Rohrer
CEO - Lasso Technik AG