Stop Silent: Case study about reservoirs

Spring Gallisloch

In the pumping station of Baselländler's largest freshwater source: Visit at the installation of a Stop Silent check valve

Lasso Technik AG visited the municipality of Oltingen in the Upper Basel region in mid-March. The tranquil village of 500 souls owns one of the largest freshwater springs in Canton Baselland: the Gallisloch spring.

The normal flow rate of this source is on average 18 litres per second. At peak times up to 40l/s!

In the course of a revision of the pumping station, the leaking check flaps were replaced. Instead of the old check flaps, two Stop Silent check valves were installed.

Rolf Gysin, fountain master from Oltingen, and Anton Graf, owner of Graf Pumpenservice & Metallbau, underline the advantages of the Stop Silent valves: In addition to the silent closing of the rubber membrane, the easy-care maintenance of the system is highlighted.

Water source Gallisloch

Have a look at yourself with the following video about the assembly and have a unique insight into the spring tapping of the Gallisloch spring.

Stop Silent valves are installed in a blink of an eye. Insert the cone, screw on, finished!

Reservoir Riedenweg Nunningen

AS 54, the lightweight of the product line

In the middle of January 2013 a Stop Silent AS54 valve for the intermediate flange assembly was installed in the Riedenweg reservoir in Nunningen. This installation was necessary to guarantee backflow prevention between the Riedenweg reservoir and a second reservoir connected to the same water network.

The two plumbers from Spaar Haustechnik in Oensingen installed the valve within a remarkably short time. Compared to conventional check valves, the lightweight design of Stop Silent allows simple installation in freely suspended pipe systems without additional reinforcements. This is also confirmed by Mr. Giovanni D’Aversa of Schmidlin + Partner, Ingenieure und Planer AG. According to him, the Stop Silent valves are regularly used by his company.

This is just one of many possible uses for the Stop Silent check valve. Stop Silent check valves are also available with a silicone membrane that meets today’s standards for drinking water.

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Daniel Rohrer
CEO - Lasso Technik AG