Have your streets been flooded?

Make sure that the pipes are protected against sewer backups to prevent road flooding.

Techniker, der unser Ventil installiert, um Straßenüberflutungen zu vermeiden. / Technicien qui installe notre clapet pour éviter l'inondation des rues / Technician who installs our valve to prevent street flooding

In our regions, there may be periods of heavy rainfall. However, heavy rains and blocked or partially blocked pipes can cause sewage and stormwater overflows. With the appearance of bad odours and poor hygiene that can cause this problem, such a situation can quickly become unbearable.

However, if the pipe is blocked or partially blocked, an overflow (from the public sewer system) or a return of a pipe to the house may occur. And unfortunately, there are no warning signs of a possible wastewater discharge.

To protect you from any such incident, there is the Stop Silent Light check valve. This reliable and durable solution will give you peace of mind and eliminate the need to worry about pipe backflows.

Kanalüberlauf auf der Straße, vermeiden Sie das dank SSL / Débordement d'égout dans la rue, évitez-cela grâce à SSL / Sewer overflow on the street, avoid it with SSL

Discharge is due to a load on the municipal collector that is influenced by severe storms, floods or a heavy and rapid snowmelt.

This phenomenon is often observed along the collectors or near the drain pipes on the separate collectors. In most cases, the unfavourable situation is not known at the time of construction and the valve becomes a backup solution to prevent further flooding.

Prevent the accident and don’t wait for an incident to happen.

Architect designers, design offices, plumbers, construction companies, private individuals and municipalities from all over Europe trust us and use the Stop Silent Light system to secure their pipes.

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Daniel Rohrer
CEO - Lasso Technik AG