Do small animals get into your pipes?

Frosch, der in das Rohr geht / Grenouille / Frog going into the pipe

Is your piping system protected against the infiltration of small animals?

Small animals entering tube systems can quickly become an annoying problem. To solve it reliably and permanently, a Stop Silent Light check valve can be fixed in the tube.

Because of this problem, it is also the quality of the water that is deteriorating, which can have unpleasant consequences for humans.
With the “frog flap” function, it is impossible for small animals to infiltrate the piping systems, which guarantees a perfect water condition.

Einsetzen des Rückschlagventils / Insertion du clapet anti-refoulement /Insertion of the check valve

The Stop Silent Light system fits into the tube and is barely visible after installation.

A simple operation that ensures continuous performance.

Due to a slight accumulation of water, a small pressure is exerted on the membrane, which then opens upwards. When the flow is stopped, the sealing lip closes and the valve closes.

Case study of Bivio, Graubünden

After the new intake was commissioned to supply Bivio, it was noted that amphibians and other vermin could infiltrate the piping from the outside.

In order to solve this problem as quickly as possible, our Stop Silent Light backstop protection systems has been installed.

The installation is characterized by quick fixing and friction clamping inside the tube. Within minutes, the valves were installed and ready for use.

Rohr, dass in die Natur fließt / Conduit donnant sur la nature /Conduct that flows into nature

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Daniel Rohrer
CEO - Lasso Technik AG